$499 for one year
curvesetter + anki

Perfect for the student who is looking for a concise breakdown of the MCAT Exam and doesn’t need any extras. Package includes all CurveSetter MCAT lectures and 24/7 discussion boards to clarify your understanding – all led by 100th % scorers on the new MCAT. Each course package includes 1000’s of Anki flashcards.

Course includes:
  • 64 core content lectures covering everything you need to know for the new MCAT, taught by UCSF med students who scored at least a 524

  • Free consultation with a CurveSetter MCAT Expert upon enrollment to help you build a custom study plan using our content lectures and any separate practice materials

  • 24/7, 365 access to our discussion boards where you can have any of your content questions answered by a CurveSetter MCAT Expert typically on the same day

  • Strategy videos aimed at getting you into the head of a 100th percentile scorer

  • Thousands of flashcards based on our lectures

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Quality content

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$499 for one year