Thank you Chloe and Alex and the entire Curve Setter team! I only had six weeks to prepare for my MCAT, and ONLY used Curve Setter lecture videos/content and AAMC practice material. I got a 516 on my first try, which is 4 points above my target score! They are exceptional tutors, and you can tell they put in a LOT of effort to comb through the AAMC content guide to figure out which concepts students need to know, and which details can be omitted. They help you study SMARTER, not harder. Highly recommend, and good luck to everyone studying!
Jessica H.
After studying with Kaplan for a while I was not improving my score and was very frustrated. I decided to start with something new and went with CurveSetter, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! My score went up 8 points after finishing the course and I felt that I was much more prepared and confident. I can now apply to med schools that I once thought were totally out of my range! Thanks guys!
Brian A.
I was initially using Kaplan resources to study and was really struggling to learn from their materials. There are so many really dense MCAT prep books out there, and especially for visual and auditory learners like me, it can be such a challenge to get what you need from them. The content videos that CurveSetter has curated were what inspired me to sign up. The schedule they have laid out for studying and working through the AAMC content guide is really straight forward and digestible, and has made my studying way less daunting. I have also found my one-on-one tutoring sessions with Chloe to be incredibly helpful. It has been such a relief to have a peer who has been through this process recently to talk to, and to learn what tips and strategies they have found to be most useful. Would definitely recommend!
Safira A.
I’m so happy I chose CurveSetter for my mcat prep class. The main draw for me was how open they were with showing their scores and that they were current med students. It makes the program feel more real and that its tailored for people who want to go to med school and perform like they did. The lectures were really straightforward and taught me topics I struggled a lot with in undergrad with ease!!
The program was a great material to use for studying for the MCAT. I would recommend buying the program and following it the way they suggest with the guide. The videos are helpful, good refreshers, and are great at giving you the information you need for the test without getting bogged down in too many details. This program helped me improve my score and I am so thankful.
Aundrea Newman
Absolutely amazing content!

CurveSetter helped me understand foundational concepts and made me much more confident with the material. As a non-science major, I felt extremely lost when I started studying, but Chloe breaks down the sections in such manageable (but extremely thorough) chunks and walks through each of the AAMC topics. Both her and Alex were always so quick to reply to emails, and I very much appreciated their continued support. CurveSetter is fantastic!
Durga Ghosh
Loved this prep course. After having been exposed to the other big companies, I feel CurveSetter prepared me the most and the best. Efficient, straightforward and to-the-point, I knew that everything I was learning was very high-yield and I didn't feel like I was wasting time on difficult low-yield content (something that the other companies always made me feel like). The video explanations are all great and I loved being able to pick and choose to review videos if I wanted to. Shout out to Alex for getting me that 128 on C/Phys for his tricks for physics (something that felt very out-of-my-reach from the start) and to Chloe for making ochem and chem feel a lot more manageable! Def recommend it!
Katy Pham
At first I was skeptical of CurveSetter just because I had not heard much about it and the major difference in price from Kaplan, but let me say that my skepticism was completely invalid. Always being an A student, I thought I was above paying for a review class, but once again was wrong. The condensed material really allows you to grab concepts without the extra baggage that Kaplan throws in. For undergraduate tests, it is very important to know a great deal of the "extra" information, but I learned that for the MCAT, it is just not necessary. After studying very hard only to score a 503, then a 501, I knew I needed some help. I studied for 28 days for 12 hours a day using this program and went up 11 points!
CurveSetter is the best MCAT Prep for the price. I started at a 503 and finished with a 519. If you like to study at your own pace, CurveSetter has everything you need to study for and do well on the MCAT.
Mitchell Adams
It's really hard to find a course that can beat this one. First off the price is unprecedented. its cheaper (by thousands) compared to any other course available. Also, their teachers are actually med students. Every other course has random people teaching it and when you ask them questions outside the lesson plan they have no idea how to answer it. These guys mentor your throughout the whole process and you can feel it from the minute you enrol.
Jeff Heydari
I have been using this program for about a month and it has been extremely helpful in my MCAT prep. The lectures contain very consise details and breaks it down so you can understand the concept more. I highly recommend this program to anyone preparing for the MCAT exam.
Ashley White
I love CurveSetter! They explain all of the important concepts very clearly. They schedule that they provide is very manageable and well thought out! I am really enjoying my MCAT prep using their course.
Sarah Kitner
CurveSetter is quality material. If you want to get ahead of game it’s a no brainer to go with material that was put together by MED STUDENTS who got into the best medical schools. I’ve tried countless of mcat prep companies and nothing is as good as CurveSetter. It has helped me drastically improve and Alex is always so kind and happy to answer questions. Where else can you get A+ customer service and material created by the best! Highly recommend.
Olaya Daki
CurveSetter is a great! Alex is quick to respond and is always helpful. The UWorld access that comes with the course def helps with practice questions however I wish the course would focus on exam taking strategies as well, the content is great though! thank you guys and keep up the great work guys. I would 100% this course.
Jim Enoh
CurveSetter is a great MCAT prep tool, and the videos are very helpful in reinforcing concepts from all the major content areas. The videos going through sample passages from all four sections were also helpful for figuring out test-taking strategy. This course does require a lot of self-discipline, which can be challenging, but it is definitely a great value at a great price!
Nikki Mallepalli
Just started using this program and I love it already. Everything is explained, including effective study strategies and difficult concepts. This is as thorough as those other expensive programs without the huge price tag attached.
A. Carter
Excellent tutoring service. I found the self-paced lectures & guidance throughout very helpful. Questions were answered by tutors quickly & thoroughly. As someone who tried studying with “the books” the first time around, I found this prep style much more effective. Plus you can’t beat the price. I would recommend this to ANYONE who is taking the MCAT. Alex & gang, thank you so much!!!
Sheridan Lee
The mission to improve accessibility in low-cost MCAT prep with high quality expertise sets CurveSetter apart from any other online MCAT prep. The videos + study schedule are helping me navigate the material and (I hope) it will show when I take my exam. CurveSetter is updating by adding office hours now and I hope it continues to grow, adapt, and eventually transform the MCAT prep industry. CurveSetter is the new *gold standard* where ALL instructors are 100th percentile scorers (as it should be). Not to be entirely cheesy... but CurveSetter is setting the curve!!
Rachel Sebastian
I’m really happy I came across CurveSetter after having wasted time and money on the big name programs. the lectures are super high yield and cover everything you need to know and the discussion boards help clarify anything i have questions on. they answer chats/emails typically within hours which is amazing. its honestly better than having an in-person course because you save time and you get to interact with top scores
Sarah Sanders
This video-based learning is really helping me to nail major concepts on the MCAT. They hit the important topics and then reinforce them by continuously bringing them up throughout other modules. I highly recommend their service.

After visiting their page and seeing how affordable and organized their course was, I felt very comfortable moving forward with their service. They provide you with all of the tools to succeed - from test taking strategies to a recommended self-study pace and so much more.
Alexa Steinbrueck
I love this MCAT prep, not only do they help you with content but also with answering the questions. They follow the AAMC guidelines thoroughly. On top of that whenever I have asked them a question I have gotten reply in 24 hours or earlier they are always ready to help you out with very thorough responses.
Sakshi Sarkar
I just started using this course but so far the experience has been great! Everyone is so friendly and they answer their emails very promptly. The site is very organized
Christine Mayuga