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CurveSetter Kaplan Princeton Review Blueprint
Course price under $1000
Taught only by 100th percentile scorers
Includes Anki deck with spaced repetition flashcards
Made by current med school students and residents, not corporate bigwigs
Rich discussion boards with 1000's of answered questions

For future med students.
By current med students.

CurveSetter offers self-paced MCAT prep courses that cover all the content on the new exam, presented in a high-yield format by medical students at UCSF who scored 524-528 each on their first attempt. Guaranteed to improve your MCAT score, or your money back.*

Study alongside the best.
The future of MCAT prep.

Founded by Alex Aabedi in 2013, CurveSetter is among the fastest-growing MCAT prep services in the world. We offer a complete self-paced MCAT course, taught and designed by 100th percentile scorers currently attending medical school, for one of the lowest enrollment fees on the market.

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$499 for one year
Perfect for the student who is looking for a concise breakdown of the MCAT Exam and doesn't need any extras. Package includes all CurveSetter MCAT lectures and 24/7 discussion boards to clarify your understanding - all led by 100th % scorers on the new MCAT. Each course package includes 1000's of Anki flashcards.
Flagship + UWORLD
$799 for one year
Perfect for the student who wants to bundle the power of CurveSetter's lectures with the strength of UWorld's unparalleled question bank. Each course package includes 1000's of Anki flashcards.
Flagship + AAMC
$899 for one year
Perfect for the student who wants to bundle the power of CurveSetter's lectures with the depth of AAMC's official MCAT practice exams and test questions. Each course package includes 1000's of Anki flashcards.
Flagship + UWORLD + AAMC
$1099 for one year
Perfect for the student who wants it all when it comes to MCAT Prep; CurveSetter lectures that cover every section of the MCAT, 5 full-length practice exams, and an unequaled test bank comprising 3,000+ questions. Each course package includes 1000's of Anki flashcards.

Alternatively, you can purchase any of our CurveSetter MCAT Subject Courses à la carte. See the courses page.

All courses contain:

About us

Meet your instructors: Alex Aabedi & Chloe Cattle. Our team consists of some of the highest MCAT scorers in the world.


What else is included in the course?

Detailed notes for each lecture as well as a “Physics Essentials” mini-book. CARS strategy videos teaching you how to read mundane passages. All material housed on our interactive and intuitive learning platform, which enables students to track their progress, watch lectures at varying increments of speed, engage in discussion boards for each lecture, and is fully mobile

How does CurveSetter compare to other MCAT test prep options?

When it comes to studying for one of the most important exams of your career, you deserve the absolute best. CurveSetter prides itself in allowing only the highest MCAT scorers in the United States to serve as content creators for the company. We guarantee that all the material on the CurveSetter MCAT Prep platform was developed by medical students who received 100th percentile scores each on their first attempt of the new MCAT. At other MCAT prep companies, there is often no transparency as to who created the content. Who are the people behind it all? What did they get on the MCAT? Have they even taken the MCAT at all? If you can’t answer these questions, you might want to reconsider using their services. A company that isn’t fully transparent must have something to hide. At CurveSetter, we make all of our credentials available and let you make the value judgements.

Why is our self-paced course better than a structured ‘live online’ or ‘in-person’ course for MCAT prep?

From our tutors’ and students’ experience, these structured, classroom-style MCAT courses are often ineffective and problematic for a number of reasons. These courses are frequently taught by inadequate or inexperienced tutors whose credentials are unknown, and who are often unable to discuss the content beyond their prescribed lesson plan. Furthermore, because these courses have a set schedule/timeline, the pace is entirely up to the company, rather than the students’ needs. As a result, the content is usually delivered at a pace too slow for experienced students (i.e. those with previous MCAT experience or fresh out of prerequisite courses), and too quick for less experienced students. Additionally, our students have expressed frustrations about the amount of time that is spent in these classes on questions from other individuals that are completely irrelevant to them. Finally, the inability for these courses to be structured according to one’s specific needs (work and school schedule, duration of studying, individual strengths and weakness, etc.) is cause for significant concern. The CurveSetter Self-Paced MCAT Prep Course was created in response to these concerns, and tackles them all. It was created specifically for the new MCAT by three 100th percentile scorers with extensive experience, whose credentials are unquestionably available. Furthermore, although we have included a detailed and effective sample study schedule, the pacing and timeline can be easily modulated according to each student’s needs. For example, the guide suggests which content should be introduced and reviewed on a given “study day”. A busy individual with a far-off test date may complete 3 “study days” worth of material per week, while a student under a compressed timeline may complete 8 “study days” worth of material in a week. Finally, as the lecture videos and slide sets can be revisited as many times as needed, students can spend additional time rewatching and reviewing their weaker subjects, while going more quickly through their stronger ones.

How is the Self-Paced Course different watching all of the Khan Academy videos?

A common problem that we see with students who are studying for the MCAT is that they become overwhelmed with trying to learn an infeasible amount of content, much of which is unnecessary, in a few short months. Many prep companies unfortunately inundate students with so much material and excess detail that students are unable to prioritize their studying, and end up failing to solidify the central, high-yield concepts that are at the core of the MCAT. Khan Academy is great when students need a more thorough review of a very specific concept, but we believe that it is infeasible to study for the MCAT using these videos as one’s primary source. There are simply too many KA MCAT videos (over 1,000, according to their website), most of which move at a pace too slow for the average student and go into too much unnecessary detail. Furthermore, many of their videos are simply copied over from general KA subject courses, and were not explicitly designed for the new MCAT. Conversely, our Self-Paced Course is targeted, extremely efficient, and high-yield, enabling students to learn all that they will need to know for this test – no more, no less – in a realistic time frame.

For more questions and answers, see the FAQ page.